• Size(string $minSize)
  • Size(string $minSize, string $maxSize)
  • Size(null, string $maxSize)

Validates whether the input is a file that is of a certain size or not.

v::size('1KB')->validate($filename); // Must have at least 1KB size
v::size('1MB', '2MB')->validate($filename); // Must have the size between 1MB and 2MB
v::size(null, '1GB')->validate($filename); // Must not be greater than 1GB

Sizes are not case-sensitive and the accepted values are:

  • B
  • KB
  • MB
  • GB
  • TB
  • PB
  • EB
  • ZB
  • YB

This validator will consider SplFileInfo instances, like:

v::size('1.5mb')->validate(new SplFileInfo($filename)); // Will return true or false

Message template for this validator includes {{minSize}} and {{maxSize}}.


  • File system


Version Description
2.1.0 Add PSR-7 support
1.0.0 Created

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