• Domain()
  • Domain(bool $tldCheck)

Validates whether the input is a valid domain name or not.


You can skip top level domain (TLD) checks to validate internal domain names:


This is a composite validator, it validates several rules internally:

  • If input is an IP address, it fails.
  • If input contains whitespace, it fails.
  • If input does not contain any dots, it fails.
  • If input has less than two parts, it fails.
  • Input must end with a top-level-domain to pass (if not skipped).
  • Each part must be alphanumeric and not start with an hyphen.
  • PunnyCode is accepted for Internationalizing Domain Names in Applications.

Messages for this validator will reflect rules above.


  • Internet


Version Description
0.6.0 Allow to skip TLD check
0.3.9 Created

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