• Each(Validatable $rule)

Validates whether each value in the input is valid according to another rule.

$releaseDates = [
    'validation' => '2010-01-01',
    'template'   => '2011-01-01',
    'relational' => '2011-02-05',

v::each(v::dateTime())->validate($releaseDates); // true

You can also validate array keys combining this rule with Call:

v::call('array_keys', v::each(v::stringType()))->validate($releaseDates); // true

This rule will not validate values that are not iterable, to have a more detailed error message, add IterableType to your chain, for example.

If the input is empty this rule will consider the value as valid, you use NotEmpty if convenient:

v::each(v::dateTime())->validate([]); // true
v::notEmpty()->each(v::dateTime())->validate([]); // false


  • Arrays
  • Nesting


Version Description
2.0.0 Remove support for key validation
0.3.9 Created

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