• Length(int $min, int $max)
  • Length(int $min, null)
  • Length(null, int $max)
  • Length(int $min, int $max, bool $inclusive)

Validates the length of the given input.

Most simple example:

v::stringType()->length(1, 5)->validate('abc'); // true

You can also validate only minimum length:

v::stringType()->length(5, null)->validate('abcdef'); // true

Only maximum length:

v::stringType()->length(null, 5)->validate('abc'); // true

The type as the first validator in a chain is a good practice, since length accepts many types:

v::arrayVal()->length(1, 5)->validate(['foo', 'bar']); // true

A third parameter may be passed to validate the passed values inclusive:

v::stringType()->length(1, 5, true)->validate('a'); // true

Message template for this validator includes {{minValue}} and {{maxValue}}.


Version Description
0.3.9 Created

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