• When(Validatable $if, Validatable $then)
  • When(Validatable $if, Validatable $then, Validatable $else)

A ternary validator that accepts three parameters.

When the $if validates, returns validation for $then. When the $if doesn't validate, returns validation for $else, if defined.

v::when(v::intVal(), v::positive(), v::notEmpty())->validate(1); // true
v::when(v::intVal(), v::positive(), v::notEmpty())->validate('not empty'); // true

v::when(v::intVal(), v::positive(), v::notEmpty())->validate(-1); // false
v::when(v::intVal(), v::positive(), v::notEmpty())->validate(''); // false

In the sample above, if $input is an integer, then it must be positive. If $input is not an integer, then it must not be empty. When $else is not defined use AlwaysInvalid


  • Conditions
  • Nesting


Version Description
0.8.0 Allow to use rule without else
0.3.9 Created

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