• IntVal()

Validates if the input is an integer, allowing leading zeros and other number bases.

v::intVal()->validate('10'); // true
v::intVal()->validate('089'); // true
v::intVal()->validate(10); // true
v::intVal()->validate(0b101010); // true
v::intVal()->validate(0x2a); // true

This rule will consider as valid any input that PHP can convert to an integer, but that does not contain non-integer values. That way, one can safely use the value this rule validates, without having surprises.

v::intVal()->validate(true); // false
v::intVal()->validate('89a'); // false

Even though PHP can cast the values above as integers, this rule will not consider them as valid.


  • Numbers
  • Types


Version Description
2.0.14 Allow leading zeros
1.0.0 Renamed from Int to IntVal
0.3.9 Created as Int

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