• MaxAge(int $age)
  • MaxAge(int $age, string $format)

Validates a maximum age for a given date. The $format argument should be in accordance to PHP's date() function. When $format is not given this rule accepts Supported Date and Time Formats by PHP (see strtotime()).

v::maxAge(12)->validate('12 years ago'); // true
v::maxAge(12, 'Y-m-d')->validate('2013-07-31'); // true

v::maxAge(12)->validate('13 years ago'); // false
v::maxAge(18, 'Y-m-d')->validate('1988-09-09'); // false

Using Date before is a best-practice. This rule does not accepts instances of DateTimeInterface.


  • Date and Time


Version Description
2.0.0 Created based on removed Age rule

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